About Product

Outdoor Air quality monitoring device

APIS DAQ overcomes the location limitations of existing air environment monitoring stations and provides measurements of air pollutants from urban areas

Real-time measurements, rather than traditional one-hour measurement intervals, respond to rapidly changing atmospheric conditions

Measuring at the breathing level, it makes life-friendly data that conventional air monitoring stations cannot provide

Real-time Air quality monitoring

Ultra fine dust and other gases in AQI

Temp / Humid detection

User customize sensor

CO / NO2 / SO2 / O3 / NH3 / H2S option available

Manager dashboard support

LTE network embedded

Sensor Technology

Specialized for APIS Device

High accuracy

High resolution

High reliability

CO, NO2, SO2, O3, NH3, H2S

Device test in Dubai

PoC Status


Aug 22 ~ Mar 23

Air contaminant detection in downtown



Odor purification with the photocatalyst cleaning method



Detecting Radon and other components

Resistance at high concentration gases


Circuit Audit

Specialized in detecting wildfire

Ultra-Low power consumption

LTE embedded

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